Cabinet Parts and Profiles

Building a Wide Variety of High-Quality Cabinetry

Cabinet Parts and Profiles

To better understand all the many facets and parts that are used to create your custom cabinetry, we've included a few diagrams to help you become more familiar with the different terms and vocabulary, that we may use, on how cabinets are constructed. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We are always more than happy to be of service!

What we're made of:

  • Cabinet Materials
  • Door and Drawer Construction
  • Door and Drawer Profile Options
  • European Hidden Hinge Options
  • Drawer Box Options and Slides
  • Cabinet Interiors
  • Cabinet Backs
  • Glass

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Cabinet Material

Depending on the type of material or wood species you choose for your custom cabinet project it will determine the style, pricing and options. We offer several different type of wood selections, including our superior paint grade MDF.

  • Cherry
  • Quarter sawn cherry
  • White oak
  • Quarter sawn white/red oak
  • Red Oak
  • Hickory
  • Poplar
  • MDF / Paint Grade
  • Maple
  • Alder
  • Knotty Alder
  • Walnut
  • Quarter Sawn Walnut
  • Knotty pine
  • Birch
  • And more

"I just wanted to convey how happy we are with the cabinets in the entire home. We are really pleased with the white cabinets in the kitchen and the fireplace designed with the wood and marble. We have had many compliments. They are beautifully done and we could not be more pleased. Thanks for the beautiful work that you did."

~ Sue and Rudy B.

Cabinet Door and Drawer Construction

Wood Cabinet Doors and Drawers

There are 5 separate pieces that make up a wood cabinet door: 2 - Stile's, 2 - Rails and a center Panel. These pieces are then connected to create one door. Wood doors can be completed in a variety of styles and finishes. The construction of these doors are made to create an even swing weight, a variety of style options and to be durable! Stop in our showroom or visit our Gallery page to see style options and possibilities!

MDF Doors and Drawers

MDF is an engineered wood product that has become the preferred material for painted doors. Why? It has all the attributes of solid wood but is extremely stable, offers a smooth surface for painting and is more economical than painting a natural wood door. It is constructed of one solid piece, but can be customized to show a traditional Stile and Rail construction.

See our MDF Page for more information!


Door and Drawer Profiles

In addition to choosing either a raised or flat center panel for your doors and or drawers, you will also have additional choices available when deciding on the kind of profiles you want. Profiles are used on the inside and outside edges of the door. Custom profiles are also available per request.

Options available for the inside edge:

  • Bead
  • Chamfer
  • Cove
  • Ogee
  • Square.

Options for the outside edge are:

  • Chamfer
  • Cove

Centers Panel Options

In choosing a look for your cabinets, the kind of door style you choose plays a significant role in the overall look of your room. The center panel could either be Flat or have a Raised Panel. Creating two very distinctive looks.


Flat Panel Doors: The center panel of the cabinet door is flat rather than raised or contoured. Flat panel doors are favored by those who prefer sleek, clean designs. Flat panel cabinet doors can be traditional, transitional and even contemporary.


Raised Panel Doors: The center panel of the cabinet door is raised with a profile or contour. Raised panel cabinet doors work well for traditional and transitional looks.

European Hidden Hinges

We offer two different selections for door hinges. Our baseline hinge option is the Vitus Hinge, our upgrade hinge is the Nexis Hinge. Read about both to see which one is preferable for your project and custom cabinets!

Our Baseline Selection:

Vitus 110° Hinge

We offer a fully adjustable European Hidden Hinge for our baseline selection. Durable and discrete, your cabinets will move and function smoothly for years to come!


Our Upgraded Selection:

Soft Close Vitus 110° Hinge

Our upgraded European Hidden Hinge offers superior durability, maximum adjusting and the smoothest soft close motion available. Constructed from high quality metals, this hinge also has a built-in soft close feature.


Hinge Soft Close Features

We offer one soft close accessory for our baseline hinge. This can also be used on other hinges as well. Read more below!

For our Baseline Vitus 110° Hinge

The Grass Unisoft Soft Close adapter can be added to any hinge. This adjustable adapter screws into the face frame to offer a soft close feature to any door!

Drawer Box Options and Drawer Slides

We offer six different drawer boxes and three different drawer slides. Depending on the drawer box you select for your custom cabinets, this will determine what slides are available to you! To select a drawer box that offers you what you are looking for in your project visit our Drawer Box Page to view and read about the box and slides!

  • Zargen Drawer Box (baseline)
  • UV Coated Plywood
  • 1/2" White Melamine
  • 5/8" Wood Box
  • Finger Jointed Dovetail
  • Solid Wood Dovetail
  • Zargen Slides (baseline)
  • Full Extension Slides (Soft Close Option)
  • Undermount Slides (Soft Close Feature)

Cabinet Interior

Our baseline interior finish is a durable, clean and efficient white maple melamine. We do offer decorative finishes for a melamine interior as an upgrade in a variety of finishes and colors. Come visit our showroom to see these and more options to finish your cabinet interior!

Cabinet Backs

With our superior construction, our cabinets do not require or need finished backs. Our cabinets are structural sound with out the need or support of an cabinet back. However we offer backs as an upgrade per request and for decorative and aesthetic reasons.

Decorative Glass

Add a special flare and stylish look to your custom cabinets with decorative glass of your choosing. Stop in to our show room to see these and more options!